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3 Posidonos Av. & Alfa Str. 
PC 167 77, Hellinikon,
Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30 210 8910060
Fax.: +30 210 8910061

After Sale Service

Should the acquiring of a house be your premium target, now that your dream has come true, your needs are different.

Our company maintains records of the construction process and the materials used and, thus, every new need for repairs, maintenance, and expansion, must bare the same initial construction quality. From the smallest part of materials that crosses the door of your house, until the largest, we provide full knowledge of all construction details. Tile codes, color lists upon the walls, even wood quality or any other technical matter, we are ready to provide the solution you need, immediately.

Our experienced executives shall always be on your side. As advised for your initial choice/investment, they shall surely listen to every new need you have, even following the initial purchase. They are the same people that can also make you aware for any new developments regarding your property. The know-how, and the constant update we have regarding construction issues, are at your disposal, ready to satisfy your every need.