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PC 167 77, Hellinikon,
Athens, Greece
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A country with huge history and civilization. Our Country.
A member of the Eurozone since 2001, and strategically located in the Global Map, Greece is famous for its mild weather, the hospitality of its people, its warm sun, and its islands. Discover it.

From the Mycenaean civilization, and Byzantium, until our official entry to the EEC (1981), and our modern leaps forward, Greece has a long history of battles, revolutions, and expanding its civilization to conquer the world. It was conquered by the Romans, fell in the hands of the Ottoman Empire, rose against it on 1821 and reclaimed its freedom and independence.

Since 1830, when the independent state was founded, until the country's first Institution, introduced in 1975, the history of Greece has been an eternal fight for survival, freedom, and recognition. Despite the odds, this country and its people have proved what humanity is capable of when united; the last proof was the perfect organization of the Olympic Games of 2004. Contemporary Greece is equal to all modern, developed countries of the West, and has all the necessary features to make it a true attraction in the Mediterranean.

The landscape of Greece is 80% mountainous; the mainland literally swims, as it is surrounded by 3 seas (the Ionian, the Aegean, and the Libyan Sea): Greece is renowned for its geographic location. Greece is a top destination in Southeast Europe. Its strategic position, its mild climate and the thousands of islands that adorn her, give her a prevailing position.

With 15,021kms of coastline, it is no wonder that Greece, and especially the islands, are a powerful attraction for investors everywhere. With its mountainous landscape adorned by rivers and lakes, Greece is geographically privileged.

Clearly influenced by the Western way of life, but maintaining all the features of the nearby East, modern lifestyle is a rich mixture of different elements. This is what makes Greece really unique.

In day time, the big city scenery with dense traffic, stress, and intense business life, and in night time, absolute transformation: real partying, with no particular reason, to the thousands of night clubs, restaurants and taverns, the spots of a truly diverse night life. Deadlines, business goals and hard work are perfectly combined with a walk, and coffee by the sea.

Technology and nature, Internet and romance. An orgy of production, and long vacations. All these features make Greece a destination for holidays or permanent residence, all-year-long.


Greece is proud for a huge fleet of boats, and a great variety of sea lines that unite the mainland to the islands, and all other destinations.

Greece, the country of Olympic Airways, founded by the famous tycoon Aristotle Onassis constitutes, for years in a row, an ideal destination for travellers from all around the Globe; air connections to and from all major destinations everywhere, and a domestic flight network to match the best.

Furthermore, Greece has a constantly expanding road network, and a railroad network that covers mainland country from edge to edge, being a major transportation junction in SE Europe.

Its numerous options, its modern hotel complexes, resorts, and traditional guest houses, make Greece a country worth visiting, all around the year.

Living in Greece

Why wonder how it is to live in the sunniest country of the world, when you can discover this yourselves?

Life in Greece, in the beginning of the 21st century, constitutes a rich mixture of really attractive contrasts. The residents of the big cities –the same people that work hard following the exhaustive pace of modern business world– spend their evenings staring at the sunset, exploiting their numerous options for good food with good company, in the thousands of taverns all over the country. This life philosophy is what makes living in Greece so special.

The modern buildings, the infrastructure, the development of technology, constitute valuable allies in the contemporary housing development of Greece, which maintains a relative advantage. The country has unique locations, eligible for development and exploitation. Trust our experience! Come and live in the spots we have discovered and present to you as the best in this country


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