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Syros island

I?ll take you for a tour in Phinikas and Prkopi…(*verse from a famous Greek song)

Let this island enchant you with its numerous attractions. The capital of the Cyclades combines a multitude of public services, compared to all other Greek islands, a perfectly organized hospital, the shipyards, and a state-of-the-art casino. It always had all the assets to step out.

The Syrians, with the flair of true aristocrats, had invested in their island from very early times, and were among the first to promote tourism and shipping. Today, the island's natural beauty and the quality services supplied, give Syros a seductively pure face. An island so original and simple in its life, which brings out memories from Greece of yesterday and, at the same time, an island perfectly organized, with infrastructures to match the Europe of tomorrow.

The island?s capital is proud for the Town Hall, built by Ernst Schiller, a true gem for the town, and for combining all the options for food, and entertainment required by the island?s people today.

Looking up, the region of Ano Syros takes your breath away with the unique view of the Aegean while, for the first time, the visitor can witness the absolutely co-existence of catholic and orthodox Christian populations.
The first view from the entrance of the port includes the two hills. The one is crowned by the catholic church of Saint George, known to the locals as “San Tzortzis”. Exactly opposite, on the other hill, proudly stands the orthodox cathedral of the Resurrection.

Apart from the famous town hall, and the two hills crowned by the churches, Syros is also known for the following:
The Club mansion, which houses the island?s art club and the Municipal Library. Behind the mansion of the Club, lies the Municipal Theatre, a miniature of the “Teatro alla Scala” of Milan, built on 1861 by the French architect Chabeau. The impressive marble church of Saint Nicolas (the Rich), built in the 19th century; the costs for its construction were covered by the island?s shippowners. In front of the church lies the monument for the “Unburied fighter”, the first monument to ever been built for the unknown fighters of freedom in 1889. The monument is the work of the architect O. Vitalis. The region of “Vaporia” (actually meaning “ships”) an original neo-classic area, with impressive mansions overlooking the vast sea, bringing to mind the memories of the glory of the past. By Neorion are the shipyards of Syros, where hundreds of boats were born. Finally, in Chalandriani, 6km east of Ermoupolis, the archaeological excavations brought to light tombs with important funeral gifts from the Proto-Cycladic era.
The island?s beaches, crowded during summer, are perfect for endless walks during the winter; they are all a mere minute from the centre of the island.

The island has daily, frequent connections to mainland Greece and Athens, since Syros has an air connection to the airport of Athens, El. Venizelos and ship connection with the port of Piraeus.
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