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Corfu island

“Corfu, Corfu, show me the mouse island… “ (* lyrics from a Greek song)

Widely known as the homeland of the Homeric Phaiakes (often transliterated via Latin to “Phaeacians”), the island of Corfu is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Mediterranean courtesy of its unique natural beauty and distinctive features. Remarkable for its vivid Venetian look and feel, combined with influences from the times of English and French occupation as well, the modern town of Corfu seems like a thriving, organized hub, brimming with life. Both the town itself as well as the nearby settlements and villages boast intense growth and development rates, and the average resident is spoilt for choice when it comes to almost anything. Living in Corfu means having access to a variety of options when it comes to enjoying landscapes, sightseeing and landmarks: the old town, spots like “The Canon” and localities like Palaeokastritsa, all famous -among other things- for their V.I.P. visitors as well.

The castle of Aggelokastron, hailing from its prominent position, reminds the visitors of the island’s troubled History of foreign occupations, while at the same time the contemporary and fashionable commercial stores show off the modern and cosmopolitan aspects of Corfu.

The famous beaches of the island, remarkable for their crystal-clear waters and their unique accommodation facilities, constitute a major appeal for many tourists who become so fascinated with Corfu that they actually embark on a relocation quest, seeking their dream-spot on the island!

The famous church Panaghia of Vlachernae, dedicated to virgin Mary, rises from the waters of the Ionian sea. Connected to the main island through a narrow stretch of land it is, along with the nearby Pontikonissi (literally: mice-isle!), one of the main attractions of Corfu, probably one of the most camera-celebrated spots on the island. Equally famous is the marvellous villa of Achilleion, showing the famous statue of wounded Achilles. Once serving as the summer residence of the Austrian Empress Elisabeth (the renowned “Sissy”), it resonates the importance of Corfu in every aspect of culture and civilization.

The fact that Corfu is a popular place of holidays, a famous sightseeing visit destination, and an attraction for investment, property acquisitions and luxurious estates for many jet-set members is not mere coincidence. The estates bought at times by Gianni Agnelli, the heir of the renowned dynasty owning the Ferrari- Fiat Group, the Banker and Investor Rotschild, the Russian tycoon Fedorov, or Charles, the Prince of Wales are now parts of the landscape. And the list does not end here… The island's attractions form an endless list that makes it endlessly appealing for international players, wishing to make the best of their investments.

Cosmopolitan Corfu is connected to Athens with numerous daily flights; hundreds of charter flights from all over the world also port there. Frequent ship connections unite the island with mainland Greece via the port of Igoumenitsa. Finally, the island’s road network is well extended, offering easy access to every end.

An impressive image of Corfu attractions and beauties is presented below through material provided by photographer Nick Zambelis.

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