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3 Posidonos Av. & Alfa Str. 
PC 167 77, Hellinikon,
Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30 210 8910060
Fax.: +30 210 8910061

Ergozed Development

We Discover – We Study – We Develop – You Enjoy.

Ergozed Development is a modern construction and development company. Based in the sunniest country of the world, we plan the development and exploitation of strategically selected destinations. We possess extensive know-how in our field which, combined with the experience of our executives and its long-lasting vision, constitutes a reliable choice for all those that wish to invest in their purchases.

 Ergozed Development aims for a vast audience, offering an even vaster choice of solutions, comprising the land, construction, development of properties, sale, and client support.

Since the company¶s initial business steps, we are among the top players in our field, and this is not by chance. Ergozed¶s top position is based on our plan on any new activities, the meticulous research of every selected location, importance on quality and integrated support for buyers following the construction. The future of development is here. 

 If you are looking for any of the following please do not hesitate to contact us:

  1. Property development in Syros
  2. Property development in Corfu
  3. Plots for sale in Syros
  4. Plots for sale in Corfu
  5. Properties for sale in Syros
  6. Properties for sale in Corfu
  7. Villas for sale in Corfu
  8. Off-plan sales in Corfu
  9. Unique properties for sale in designated areasevelopment of properties  construction of properties