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3 Posidonos Av. & Alfa Str. 
PC 167 77, Hellinikon,
Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30 210 8910060
Fax.: +30 210 8910061

Site Plans
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At this section of our webite you can enter the property plans. In case of a complex of residences, please track the number of  property that best suits your needs and requirements from the numbered masterplan and thereafter choose the particular link to enter the plans of the property and find out the explicit details of the properties' interior design. Choose the masterplan link to return to the numbered masterplan photo and track the number of the next property of interest. In case of a single property, eg. villa or residence,  just follow the links underneath the photo frame and see the plans of all levels and surrounding area of the property.



Master plan
Bedroom level | Villa Nausica front | Entrance level | Landscape | Pool level | Roof plan |